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GUADALAJARA is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Check out the photos below to see for yourself.

The central plaza of Guadalajara in front of the 17th Century Spanish Renaissance style Cathedral famous for its yellow bell towers.
The Rotunda of the Heroes of Jalisco honors some of the region's most famous citizens, such as the poet Enrique González Martinez and renowned painter José Clemente Orozco.
Mariachi music was born in Guadalajara and the locals proudly promote this exalted traditional all over the city.
The famous Arches of Guadalajara, modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, originally were built as the city's westside entrance gate. But the urban sprawl has since grown around it, making Guadalajara the second largest city in Mexico.
Teatro Degollado, a neoclassical theater known for its diverse performances and Greco-Roman design, is located in one of the central plazas of Guadalajara.
Tequila is one of the main cultural products of Mexico, and dozens of picturesque tequila farms and factories dot the countryside around Guadalajara. Tequila originates from the distinctive agave plant, pictured to the left.
Guadalajara retains much of its original charm by preserving its colorful, colonial-style buildings.
The gay scene in Guadalajara is one of the largest and wildest in the world, with energetic discos such as the nightclub Babel roaring to life every night.
The friendly cantina California's is one of the smaller, more casual rainbow hangouts of Guadalajara's levi, cowboy and Bears crowd.
Angel's disco is a longtime gay community favorite for the growing middle class and Circuit crowd wannabes.

LAKE CHAPALA ia a small community about 40 miles south of Guadalajara where many Americans have chosen to retire because of the peaceful lifestyle and the inexpensive cost of living. These last 3 photos depict the town of Lake Chapala, which is built along the shores of the largest inland body of water in Mexico. A travel agent or tour operator can book a sidetrip to Lake Chapala from your hotel in Guadalajara. 

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